Our process for sterilizing is built around hand washing instruments, meticulous inspection two times, and a steam sterilization process to ensure the upmost precision of cleanliness.

Cook Sterile offers pickup of soiled surgical instruments at your office as well as shipping directly to us.

Upon arrival at our location, they are unpacked and documented via time stamped photography.
We disassemble them and wash each case or tray independently according to your desired procedure.

A typical cleaning cycle begins with an enzymatic soak, followed by hand scrubbing.  Instruments are then sonicated in a warm ultrasonic bath and rinsed in purified water before hand drying with medical grade compressed air.

Once dry, instruments are inspected for cleanliness and separately reinspected to assure complete absence of any visual bioburden. Instruments are photographed again to document completeness, wrapped and steam sterilized to your specification.

All steps in the process are documented as they occur and the instruments are returned with a Certificate of Conformance and printed details of the sterilizer run.

Clean and sterilized cases are returned to their storage case and delivered to your office within 48 hours, or may be inventoried at our facility until you request them.